A clean car

Returned home for a couple of weeks.   Time to clean my wives car.  The paintwork had lots of grit on it, the car hadn’t been driven for weeks so it was time for a quick wash.  It was also time to get out with the 50mm 1.4





If you haven’t already guessed Enzo is a Guide Dog that was staying with us for the day.

So in the manner of a true car review here goes.


Size wise,  it’s a little bit smaller than my normal road going vehicle.  Although the permanent four paw drive is a distinct advantage.




So what better way to take it for a test run is to try the launch control and see how brutal it really is.   There doesn’t seem to be any options to select Sports mode, or Cruising Mode so we’ve got to take it as it comes.   It seems it only ever works in Sports mode.  It’s also apparent that regardless of position it starts from the launch control works in the same manner.

Launch Control engaged on the level.


Launch Control engaged, on a hill.



Once you’ve got it going, how does it handle, well given the conditions we were out in – remarkably well, although the permanent four paw drive comes into it’s own in the muddy conditions.   Since the four paw drive is similar to the Landrovers 4WD they both have an occasional habit of depositing excess fluid and solids onto the ground in attempt to mark their territories, something to be expected with all models unfortunately.




Once you’ve got over the initial investment getting such a beast new (When I got him he’s had about £50,000 invested into him), there’s very little depreciation.  In fact I’d say that due to the way that he’ll engage with his new owner that value would increase and would be immeasurable.  Running costs are relatively low, a solid fuel supply twice a day and a regular supply of water will keep him in tip top condition.     The occasional servicing costs at the specialist (vet) is of course to be expected.      However rather than using finance, there’s a way to get an Enzo of your own for as little as 50p.   Loose your eyesight and put your name on the Guide Dog owners list.




You could take one of these for a run and at the end of the day all they’ll do is flop on the floor, have a short rest and be ready to engage launch control at any opportunity – especially when you mention it’s dinner time.






So there we have it, an unbiased report on Enzo ownership.   Would I have one if it was my own money;  of course I would.

Old pictures of Aberdeen

Since some people had been asking when I mentioned that I had some old pictures of Aberdeen, the easiest thing to do was to put them online.    I know none of the photographers (most of which are probably dead and gone now) but it does give an interesting insight into how Aberdeen has developed over the years.

Anyway – there are about 800 pictures to go through.

Click one on the left hand side and then you can scroll up and down with the cursor keys or use the mouse – your choice..

Enjoy  :   Auld Pictures of Aberdeen